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Why Bother Having an Employee Handbook?

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Inconsistent treatment of employees, even with the best of intentions, can turn into potential legal trouble. The appearance (intentional or not) of discrimination can be perceived if another employee receives more favorable treatment.

Whether you don’t remember how you handled a situation in the past, or are making it up as you go, it’s easy to get off track when you don’t have a document to refer to on how to handle common employment situations. While employee handbooks are not something that businesses are legally required to have, it does provide valuable benefits to both employers and employees.

A handbook will accurately communicate your organization’s policies regarding employment, conduct and behavior, compensation, and other policies and procedures you follow. It can also provide an overall look at the company culture, showcase the benefits and perks, and educate employees about what they can expect from management and leadership to encourage a healthy work environment. Providing new hires with your company employee handbook helps foster a sense of pride and belonging, which studies have shown helps them become more productive in a shorter period. It also provides reassurance on common questions employees usually have such as how time-off for a funeral or jury duty is handled, procedures in the event of inclement weather, dress code expectations, payroll procedures, etc. Additionally, managers can confidently refer to the handbook to ensure they are following set protocol and treating employees fairly.

Handbooks should be created to fit the persona of the company. It’s an opportunity to showcase what makes your organization special. One way to easily do this is to insert a welcome letter directly from your company president or leadership team at the front of the handbook. The contents of the letter may include an outline of the company’s history, mission, and vision. A greater impact can be made if the letter provides evidence of the company’s employee relations philosophy and exemplifies the philosophy not just in what is said but how it is said. For example, using a less formal style of writing establishes and reinforces a more casual, friendly work culture.

All MSquared Talent Solutions clients are provided an internal company intranet site within their Human Capital Management (HCM) technology where clients can post and update handbooks and other policy notifications effortlessly, as well as increase accessibility for new and current employees. Writing the handbook can be a daunting task, from knowing what should be included to researching the law and best practices, to writing out each policy, it’s a project that can take a considerable amount of time. Reach out to MSquared Talent Solutions with the button below to learn how we can assist with creating a customized employee handbook that reinforces your company culture, as well as how we can streamline and automate the logistics of employee access, signed acknowledgment, and maintenance to make the entire process effortless.